Print on Fabric, Fabric Printing

Print on Fabric, Fabric Printing,
Printing on Fabric, Print on Fabric
Fabric Printing, Printing on Fabric

Screen printing to fabric is the most preferred, durable, and efficient way to add ink to fabrics. Hall Print Solutions can assist in advising the best practice printing for any printing to fabric.

Printing on Fabric is generally with the use of inks of a waterbased or plastisol finish. Waterbased can be printed and cured by air, and assisted with hot air. Plastisol inks are cured only by Heat.

Printing of light colours onto dark fabrics is acceivable including metallic inks with screen printing.

Digital printing of colours to light coloured fabrics is also achievable.

Screen printing is used in many different areas:

  • Tee Shirt Printing.
  • Printing of Garments of All Types
  • Printing on Roller Blinds and Curtains
  • Branding of Awnings
  • Bespoke Imaging onto Rough Fabrics

Metallic and multicolour scren printing Corporate branding of awnings, umbrellas and parasols Branded roller blinds multicolour and metallic Bespoke printing to fabric