Plastic Printing
Plastic Printing

Printing on Plastic must be assessed in full in order to guarantee long life print finish and adhesion. There are many different types of plastic, so caution needs to be taken with printing onto it.

Hall Print Solutions has a wide range of inks to purchase for printing on Plastic, and we have our ink manufatures Laboritory in France to do testing for colour rendering and adhesion tests to recommend a specific ink for difficult substrates.

The advantages over screen printing or Pad printing on Plastics is the range of inks available to ensure a good finish, both in UV and solvent.

Hall Print can advise you on the correct inks to use and do testing for adhesion and colour rendering. We can also advise on best method between, digital printing on plastic, pad printing on plastic, or finally screen printing on plastic.

With Screen printing, more opaque and larger area covering are achievible, and also if printing with metallic inks or specialist finished, a better solution is available in screen printing.

We can advise the best solution for your needs, and we can assist in your printing production, or provide tradse printing service if required.

Prototype printing or branding is also available.

Ink finishes avaible include:
  • Luminescent Printing
  • Glow in the dark finishes
  • High opacity printing
  • Special adhesion properties
  • Multi colour printing
  • Over printing / branding
  • High defination printing using fine meshes.

Medical devise needing ink applied directly Large volume printing on POS items Personnalisation over printing Prototype printing and brandingSpecial colour matching in reverse printing lens