Silk Screens

Plastic Printing

We can handle every stage of the silk screen manufacturing process, from advising on the correct size of frame to the correct mesh and stencil for your production requirement. We are highly knowledgeable in this field, and have supplied everything from the most technically precise screens for circuit boards up to the largest stenciled silk screens for the architectural glass industry in Ireland.

Hall Print Solutions can solve your requirement for any screen finish you may need, from conventional flat bed printing to curved part decoration. We can take your area or item and advise on the best method of silk screen printing.

Hall Print Solutions also supply a range of Stainless Steel meshes with stencils for the electronics industry.

Farme Manufacturing
We build custom frames to your specifications out of either aluminium or light steel. We make all our frames in-house and can therefore make them to any size required, and we can also deliver a rapid supply service.
Screen Stretching

Our pneumatic clamp based system gives us the flexibility to stretch a wide variety of screen sizes, from the very big to the very small. They also allow us to control the tension on the mesh with unrivalled accuracy through a pressure gauge, ensuring that the same fabric stretch can be reproduced for each repeat customer's needs.

Silk screen and general imaging technological needs are becoming increasingly advanced and diversified.To meet these needs, Hall Print Solutions have chosen NBC mesh for their superior tension strength quality. NBC offers a wide selection of mesh cloths to suit applications in various fields. With NBC mesh and our stretching system, loss of tension between stretching and printing is minimal, predictable and exactly reproducible.


We can handle any aspect of stencil manufacturing and screen reclaiming for you depending on your needs. We cover all industry requirements and also pride ourselves in developing new methods of silk screen stenciling for improved quality.

Hall Print Solutions have chosen to represent French supplier ProdEcran. After testing emulsions from suppliers world-wide, we found ProdEcran to have the best quality and range, both for our own use and to supply to our customers. We stock a complete range of ProdEcran stencilling and reclaiming products for all your stencil manufacturing and screen reclaiming needs.