Glass Manifestations

Screen printing of ceramic ink is the best performance for imaging on glass, but it has the setup expense, and is not as flexible for designs as digital printing. Digital printing direct to glass is not yet generally used as a proven result.

For this reason we are bringing to market two products to aid the industry:

  1. An optically clear PET film that can be applied to one side of the glass
  2. A PET Film without adhesive that can be Interlayered into the glass

Amazing high quality Optically clear Film printing including white for impact, makes it look like the ink is directly printed onto the glass, with vivid colours that look just as good from both sides of the glass. The PET film gives all the usual added protection and properties, which in its own right adds value. (see below properties).

A great way to give a small or large scale jobs an excellent glass printed finish without the inherent high costs!

Phone us today to discuss your requirement, we can discuss all options of printing on Glass, and the different results.
We can supply etched effect film, and even print it as a fading etch effect for design or privacy glass

PET Film Properties.

  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Full colour graphics, including white on glass (CMYK )
  • Ink can be applied in 3 layers in a single pass
  • Class 0 UK fire rating on printed film
  • Provides shatter protection in event of explosion or impact, tested to conform to British and European Standards, BS 6206 and EN 12600
  • Removes ultra violet light, reducing fading of fabrics
  • The inks can be made translucent to different amounts, allowing light and brightness into the area.
PET Film Specifications
  • Visible light transmission (VLT) 89%
  • Visible light reflection (VLR) 9%
  • Glare reduction 1%
  • Heat gain reduction 3%
  • Shading coecient (TSER) .96
  • UV reduction (300- 380 nm) 99%
  • Total solar energy reduction (TSER) 17%
  • Thickness 4 mil / 100 micron
  • Tack/adhesive high/PS